Wisdom Gate College operates the National Curriculum of Education for J.S.S in academic. Registered students are expected to study the following subjects:
i. Mathematics
ii. English Language/Drama
iii. Integrated Science
iv. Introductory Technology
v. Agricultural Science
vi. Social Studies
vii. Business Studies
viii. Homes Economics
ix. Fine Arts
x. French
xi. Music
xii. Physical Education
xiii. C.R.K
xiv. Computer

The S.S.S 1 students are exposed to all the subjects while the other S.S.S levels are expected to study a minimum of ten subjects including Mathematics and English Lang. The subjects are listed below:
1. Mathematics
2. English Lang.
3. Physics
4. Chemistry
5. Biology
6. technical Drawing
7. Economics
8. Government
9. Entrepreneurship
10. Commerce
11. Further Maths
12. Agricultural Science
13. Literature in English
14. Principles of Accounts
15. Food & Nutrition
16. C.R.K
17. Fine Art
18. Geography
19. Computer



Students are assessed in two phases during an academic term; first assessment goes with mid-term break and second assessment round off with the exams to make a full term work. Every session has first, second and third term, which add up to promotion to another class.

The first and the second assessment results are mainly from home works and weekly class test, which will cumulate to a score of 50%.


Main examinations are conducted for the students by the end of each academic term. The examination timetable is made available from the office of the principal weeks prior to the examination date. The examination covers 50% of the total score. Students’ answer scripts are attached to their results slips before being made available to the parents/guardian.


Parents/ guardians are to provide the books and stationeries required by their child/children/wards as may be recommended by the college. recommended textbooks are communicated to parents/guardians in circulars at the beginning of each academic session.

Exercise books and some textbooks are available for purchase from the school bookshop.


Wisdom Gate Int’l college follows the rivers State post-primary school calendar of three terms in academic session. Each term consist of twelve to thirteen weeks of study with two days mid-term break in each term.


First term September-December

Second term January- March

Third term April-July

Vacation lesson August-September


Rising 5.00am

Morning devotion 6.00am

Breakfast 6.30am

Assembly (Morning Dev) 7.45am

Classes begins 8.00am

Break time 11.30-12.00

Classes resume 12.00pm

Lunch 2.00-2.20

Classes/lesson end 3.30pm

Siesta 3.30-500pm

Supper 6.00-7.00pm

Prep 7.00-9.00pm

Night prayers Lights out 10.00pm


** Sunday service holds in the school compound 8-10.30am

** Evening fellowship 5-6pm on Sundays


In order to ensure the comfort and convenience of every student, we require parents to provide the following items for their children/ward.

A Bible

Hymn Book


2- Towels

2 set of bed Sheets

2- Night dresses

6 sets of under wears

  • pair of bath room slippers

Personal cutlery (fork/knife & spoon)

  • Plastic drinking cup

Plate (stainless)

2 plastic buckets


Soap for bath/washing

1-small traveling bag/suitcase

2-native dress or dressy outfit

** Parents are advised to engrave the names of their child/ward on the above items.


Wisdom Gate Int’l college management maintains a good network of communication among students, teachers and parents/guardians. Good and practicable suggestions are  welcome from our parents/guardian. Circulars and bulletins are sent at intervals as necessary information for the parents/guardians may arise.


The College’s Parents/Teachers’ Association meeting are held once at the end of every term and the body may call an emergency meeting if the need arises to discuss pressing issues pertaining to the students and the college. The college maintains administrative system that emphasizes and gives credence as well as respect to the opinion of parents on topical issues regarding the welfare of their child/children/wards and the college’s development. All parents/guardians are by obligation to their wards and the college, legal members of the meetings.


Wisdom Gate College encourages sports and healthy competition in other extra-curricular activities like quiz and debates among the students.

The college is made up of four houses

  1. Wisdom house (blue house)
  2. Joy house(yellow house)
  3. Faith house(green house)
  4. Apape house(red house)

The college organize annual inter house sports competition among the various houses in order to develop sports talents in our students.


During the school, character moulding periods are used to educate the students on leadership role, self-help, and goal setting attainment, which also extends to their long vocation.

Educationists, ministers and experts are invited for these talks.

Medical facilities

The college has an organized sick bay equipped with first aid facilities to treat minor injuries sustained by the students or teachers.

The sick bay is manned by a qualified Nurse

School facilities

  • Computer laboratory
  • Introduction to technology workshop
  • Multipurpose science laboratory
  • Standby generator
  • Treated borehole
  • Well ventilated classrooms with fans
  • Table tennis boards
  • Assembly hall
  • Library
  • Technical drawing studio
  • Music studio
  • Dining hall
  • Sporting facilities
  • Basketball court
  • Volleyball/Badminton


The school uniform comprises of a stripe blue/wine color top and wine trousers with tie for the boys and a skirt/pinafore with a shirt for girls.

  1. A pair of black sandals
  2. A black belt for the boys
  3. A pair of customized socks



The general rules and regulations

  1. No student is permitted outside the gate during school hours (even during break), neither should any students be found outside during classes.
  2. All students must promptly obey the bell.
  3. The use of ornaments and make-ups are not allowed for both boys and girls.
  4. Fighting is strictly prohibited in the school. Quarrels and misunderstandings should be duly reported to the class teacher for resolution. Any child found fighting stands the risk of suspension from the school for a period.
  5. Student’s absence from school should be promptly reported to the principal with a written document showing the reason for the absence.
  6. Students should carefully handle the college’s properties. The parent’s/guardians shall be surcharged for any damage caused by the students.
  7. Any act of stealing or trespass noticed among the student stand the risk of expulsion.
  8. For concentration, students are warned against bringing handset, audio/film cds, novels, and magazines of any kind to school including computer games and any funny pictures.
  9. The school is strictly against gangs/cults. Any involvement of students results in expulsion without returning the school fees.
  10. Any student caught drinking alcohol or smoking in the school will be expelled immediately.
  11. Students are warned against writing on the walls or drawing any thing on any part of the school buildings. They should not play with school chalkboards and calk unless they are directed to write on the board by their subject/class teacher. Violation of this fetches the student one-week suspension.


I pledge my life, to be dedicate to God

An instrument to Humanity, Diligent towards

Excellent character and Academics,

I am destined to Succeed.